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find ebay id's

the fastest eBay Username Finder!

Have you tried to register a decent eBay username and been frustrated at the poor names left available? With over 125 million people using eBay in 2004 it is understandable that a lot of the good ones have gone.

Our new free tool allows you to search for the remaining names still available, it offers suggestions and only displays those user names that are available to register!

Is choosing a User Name (User ID) that important?
Well that depends...you may be wanting to register an ID for business use so getting the right ID would be important. Alternatively you may just be a casual user looking for a new bidding or selling ID and are trying to convey the correct image. Either way this new tool allows you to add some of your own keywords and displays the results instantly - simply click the "Register" link to be taken to eBay's secure registration page and register for free on eBay. Save yourself time & frustration by using our new tool today!!

Our Tool Is Currently Not Working - Please Click Below To Register Directly On EBay.

Register now to bid, buy, or sell on any eBay site worldwide. It's easy and free:
UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Germany | Italy | India | Netherlands | Spain | Switzerland | Belgium | Ireland

Simply enter a preferred username i.e. the username you want and then select the number of results you want returning. This tool allows you to register at either eBay UK or eBay US although you will obviously be able to use your account at either. Please select which site you wish to register at. Then enter any keywords that you want to combine with your preferred username i.e. sales or store or fast etc. One keyword per box - the more keywords you enter the more varied the username suggestions. Once complete please click the "Find Those User Names" and the results will be returned within seconds. Then take note of the username you like and simply click the appropriate "Register" link to register it securely at eBay.

See what the experts are saying about eBay usernames:

"You can call yourself just about anything; you can be silly or creative or boring. But remember, this ID is how other eBay users will know you. So here are some common-sense rules:

  • Don't use a name that would embarrass your mother.
  • Don't use a name that's too weird, such as scam-man. If people don't trust you, they won't buy from you.
  • Don't use a name with a negative connotation." Dummies.com

"If you run your own auction business but also dabble in personal sales or bidding outside your business dealings, it's smart to clearly separate the two. To that end, creating a business user ID (perhaps designated as a business name) and a personal ID will help to ensure that your business and personal worlds don't overlap in a way that blurs the clear division between the two--which is especially important in terms of tax liabilities and business expenses." Vendio.com

At eBay, spokesperson Kevin Pursglove had previously stated, "Many of our users have determined that it is useful to have multiple user IDs for their businesses." eBay.com

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